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San Diego, California real estate: San Diego was incorporated as a city in 1850 with a poulation 650 and it was California's first county. Now, it is approximately 329.9 square miles in area with a total population of 2.8 million. Major attractions include San Diego Zoo and Sea World. San Diego gets its name from the Spanish Franciscan monk San Diego de Alcala de Henares (Saint Didacus) for which San Diego Bay was named. Housing starts begin at over $380,000 with downtown San Diego homes for sale with prices of $500,000+.

San Diego neighborhoods of interest:

La Jolla Real Estate
La Jolla is Spanish means "The Jewel" and this posh community of over 47,000 north of Pacific Beach takes this moniker quite literally. La Jolla is home to many outstanding beaches and surf spots, posh neighborhoods, and upscale dining and shopping locales. Prospect Street near the La Jolla Cove is littered with boutiques and jewelers, as well as numerous restaurants. La Jolla is bordered on the north by the Torrey Pines Golf Course and the beautiful campus of the University of California San Diego. Other prime attractions include the Stephen Birch Aquarium Musuem at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and the Contemporary Musuem of Art on Prospect. La Jolla is known for its luxury real estate.

Encanto/Paradise Hills Real Estate
Geographically speaking, Encanto is San Diego's largest neighborhood, and home to over 60,000. East of Logan Heights, and west of Lemon Grove, Encanto has fallen under ill repute as an area of low-income and high crime. Real estate prices in this area reflect these conditions. The hub of Encanto is Imperial Avenue, that runs right through it's heart. The Trolley East Line also runs through Encanto and Paradise Hills, a community just south of Encanto and bordering National City on the east.

Mira Mesa Real Estate
Mira Mesa is a community of tract homes, condominiums and strip malls, typically Southern Californian. Located north of the Miramar Naval Air station between I-805 and i-15, it is home to Sorrento Valley that hosts scores of business parks and new technology firms, most notably Qualcomm. Mira Mesa is served by its own mall, and includes the peaceful, family-friendly Scripps Ranch to the east.

Rancho Bernardo Real Estate
Rancho Bernardo is a family community that has been carefully planned, with specific areas for residential and commercial development. The community of close to 50,000 has recently come into favor with new technology and electronics firms, including Hewlett Packard. Rancho Bernardo is accessed by way of I-15, hosts three golf courses, and is bordered on the north by Lake Hodges.

Clairemont Real Estate
With over 80,000 residents, Clairemont rests on the hills east of Pacific Beach overlooking Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. A large area of mostly residential homes, the community is divided by Tecolote Canyon. Clairemont is the essential Southern Californian burb complete with lazy neighborhoods and strip malls along Genesee and Balboa. Mesa Community College is located in Clairemont.

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