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Palo Alto California: The City of Palo Alto has a long history (for the West coast). Located 35 miles south of San Francisco and 14 miles north of San Jose, Palo Alto is a community of approximately 61,000. As a part of the San Francisco Metropolitan Bay Area and the Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is located within Santa Clara County and borders San Mateo County. The City's boundaries extend from San Francisco Bay on the east to the Skyline Ridge of the coastal mountains on the west, with Menlo Park to the north and Mountain View to the south. The City encompasses an area of approximately 26 square miles, of which one-third is open space.

More than 100 years old, Palo Alto is named for a majestic 250 year old coastal redwood tree along San Francisquito Creek, where early Spanish explorers settled. Trees are abundant throughout the City and are being replenished regularly. Open space and parks are amazingly numerous and well utilized by the residents as well as visitors.

Palo Alto is easily accessible from either Interstate 280 or Highway 101. There are easily accessible bridges across San Francisco Bay as well as access to the Pacific Ocean via roads to the West of the City. Both Mineta San Jose International and San Francisco International Airports are accessible via freeway. Alternative transportation including biking and bike paths are important to the citizens of Palo Alto and there is an extensive system of paths. The train which runs through the Peninsula is available at 2 stops in Palo Alto as well as at stops in some of the cities North and South of the City.

The commercial areas include historical buildings as well as very new additions. The City has made an attempt to have a charming ambiance available to both residents and visitors with both the designs of building being compatible as well as extensive open and landscaped areas to enhance the appearance. The high educational level of the population and interest in life leads to the desire for cultural offerings, active sporting events and strong inventive and entrepreneurial activity. As the "birthplace of Silicon Valley", there are historical sites as well as current high tech activities available.

Stanford University is a close neighbor and a significant part of the interesting atmosphere of the City. There are classes, cultural events and general interactions between the University students and faculty and the City residents. Many of the Stanford faculty and some of the students live in the City rather than on campus.

The housing stock is a combination of old and historical homes as well as new homes which have been built more recently. There is very little undeveloped land in the City so the new homes are a result of someone buying an older home, tearing it down and building a new home. Some of these have been built for specific owners and some for sale. Due to the demand for housing and the scarcity of on which to build, the housing is expensive.

The weather is one of the most desirable reasons to live in Palo Alto. It has a climate like few in the world. The seasons do change but not drastically. There are many sunny days as well as pleasant temperatures. The high temperatures last for only a relative few number of days and the humidity is not high at any time. The cold days are not cold enough for snow, except for twice in about 35 years. Then it lasted only hours. Occasionally snow will be seen on the tops of the hills in the East Bay. That too melts quickly. The real mountains are available by driving to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Snow sports, gambling and river sports, etc. are available by heading toward Nevada which is only about 5 hours away. The residents of Palo Alto enjoy looking at the hills which are between them and the Pacific Ocean. The Ocean is approximately 45 minutes away.

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